28 August 2013

the delectable and the disasterous

You would think having two Island women in the kitchen would make for an Island meal cooked with ease right?  WRONG.  A call had to be made to my Mama while at the supermarket to know what taro to choose, we bought too much of everything except the pe'epe'e, one of us could not go without injury while scraping the taro, then the taro was over-cooked and once we got to the bottom of the pot, the taro was a little on the crispy side.  And just for good measure, there was an abundance of untidiness to go with it that our kitchen helper, thankfully, whisked back in to a semblance of order along with wine!

Somehow I have managed to make my way through life not acquiring the art of Samoan cooking and have inevitably paid the price by only ever eating Samoan food where it has been made by another, making life oh so difficult when all I want to do is eat Samoan food.  Tonight showed me there is hope though because amidst the ever so slightly disasterous fa'alifu talo, there turned out to be a delectable sapasui made simply by following my nose.

This is me - Taro-cooking novice 'Afakasi.

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