13 August 2013

samoa e

Every so often I get this yearning, similar to an aching feeling when I miss Samoa.  Today for you I have a small selection of songs from my I MISS SAMOA playlist that helps me to accept the reality that the only island I am on is a cold one called Te Ika-a-Maui, my work will not suddenly feel the need to send me on an all expenses paid trip to Aga Reef Resort or Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa (I'm not fussy) tasked with drinking cocktails while sunbathing, nor will my bank balance allow me to just jump on a plane and go because the only money I won today was $10 on scratchies that cost $10!

Lota Nu'u
I have loved this song (sung at just about every formal Samoan gathering I have been to) for as long as I can remember.  In retrospect, I think I felt the meaning of this song long before I knew the meaning of the words.  This genre of Samoan music is largely what I grew up listening to and takes me back to my childhood days of listening to Samoan talkback radio and connects me back to my Grandparents because this is their music and gift to me.  There is a fantastic playlist here with more of the same.

O se Vi'i o Lauli'i
This is the other genre of music I largely grew up listening to.  It is the music of my parents generation when Elvis and le igi were king!

Samoa e, Maopo'opo Mai
I have always been a fan of Vania's distinctively smooth voice since my high school days when I started to discover the more modern Samoan music of today.  I enjoy listening to pretty much anything of his without overdoing it.

I'm in Love with You
If I close my eyes and use my imagination, anything Nifoloa sends me straight back to being in Samoa.  Songs by Nifoloa were the soundtrack to one of my trips back and evokes many different memories and feelings.

What are your songs that remind you of Samoa and make you feel like you are home?

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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