31 December 2013

sa 'ou fai aku ..

I thought I would leave you and 2013 with a few conversations that left me wanting to scream then have a laugh once I got over it.  Please keep in mind that most Samoans do not think I appear to be Samoan and when I do speak Samoan I am not palagi about my pronunciation.  Happy new year!

Went with a friend to buy some Samoan treats in South Auckland ..
Me: Are your pagikeke plain or fa'i?
Shop assistant: We have a blain an a panana one
Me: Can I please get 20 pagikeke fa'i and 5 keke mamoe?
Shop assistant: So you want a 20 panana?

Met a Samoan man at a conference who looks Chinese ..
Man: So are you a Kiwi?
Me: I'm Samoan
Man: Oh .. where were you born?
Me: New Zealand
Man: Oh .. ok ..

The next day ..
Man: Are you sure you're Samoan?
Me: Yes, I am sure
Man: Have you been to Samoa before?
Me: Too many times

The day after that ..
Man: So, have you been to Samoa before?
Me: Yes.  Many times before.
Maybe by some miracle of consistency in my answers, Man then finally decides to talk to me and even though I engaged and knew what I was talking about without botzing it, I still question whether or not he actually believes I am Samoan.

Met a Samoan man who was staying with my family in Samoa.  As I walk to the bathroom down the hall, conversation in Samoan ensues ..
Man: That girl is nice
Sister in-law: What did you say?
Man: That girl is nice (at which point I look back and laugh silently to my cousin in-law then carry on walking)
Cousin in-law: You better be careful because that girl understands Samoan
Sister in-law: And she is my sister

This is me .. Teine 'Afakasi.