19 August 2013

i'm nearly out

Ideally the above picture would have been me today, only I barely slept last night, I had to be at the office earlier than usual this morning, my breakfast of one tall caffè macchiato did virtually nothing to stop me feeling like I had been hit by a train, work was a beehive of busy busy busy and I am just not that tanned!

There are many loves in my life and one of them is any kind of quality fruity moisturising lotion or body butter and PURE FIJI is one of my absolute favourite brands.  Coming home after a mental Monday at work to a nice shower followed by some PURE FIJI body butter makes for feeling amazing during the relax and unwind.

Sad to say I am nearly out of my body butter supply and I wish the stuff was not so damn expensive to buy here.  I cannot justify 46NZD for 235ml so it looks to me like I need to make some Fijian friends!

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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