16 August 2013

#31WriteNow day 16

Today marks the halfway point in my #31WriteNow blogging challenge and a challenge it has been!

I have had many moments stressing about what to write each day, but even with the stress I feel better mentally for blogging.  Taking time out of my day to write has helped to put things of my every day life into a healthier perspective.

One of my strategies for blogging achievement has been to prepare by picking a daily theme or topic which gives me the focus I need.  This planning has worked so well that I have a theme or topic planned for each day of the rest of the month.  In saying that, there is plenty of room for flexibility.

Since day 1 of this blogging challenge the nerves have decreased and the excitement has increased so here is hoping for that to continue.

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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