09 September 2011

today is the day

It has been quite some time since I last posted on my blog and while I should be sleeping, I have decided what better time to resurface in the blog world than today - the day the Rugby World Cup 2011 begins!  There is without a doubt something in the air.  I sense something very big is going to come to fruition which is nothing short of exciting!

One of the reminders the Rugby World Cup is happening in my own backyard is the multitude of flags everywhere.  If there was a prize for the most flags waving around from one country, Tonga would take it out!  Last week I saw a van with at least 10 Tongan flags attached!  And the only reason I know my neighbours are Tongan is because of the flags on their porch and roof top.  Sadly my own Samoan flag is nowhere near big enough to give them a run for their money!

This Rugby World Cup I am probably the most excited I have ever been about Manu Samoa participating.  In particular, I am excited to be going to the Manu vs Fiji game - my first time at a real live test match.  I will be wearing my Manu jersey proudly!  And Te Karere had a segment on the amazing welcome the Manu team received from Te Arawa in Rotorua in the lead up to their game against Namibia on Wednesday.  The Manu team has much promise and I wish them nothing but the best in this competition. 

Also in news headlines is the 42nd Pacific Islands Forum taking place in Auckland.  I heard John Key's intention was to have the forum coincide with the Rugby World Cup to give it more of a Pacific flavour.  Since learning about the effects of climate change on the Pacific, it has been a topic I place great importance on.  Hopefully discussions around the the reality of how vulnerable the Pacific is right now when it comes to climate change brings about more awareness on an international level.

The only thing left to say for now is GO MANU!

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.