08 August 2013

life in the bus lane

I have lived in several different areas of suburban Auckland, all of which have led me to commuting to the city and over the years I have found myself consistently astounded at the shocking bus etiquette Auckland has to offer.  There seems to be 2 rules about 99% of the time when it comes to giving up ones seat for another.

Rule 1 .. do not stand for an adult if you are a school student

Rule 2 .. do not vacate a seat for elderly where you are younger than the elderly person and very much able bodied no matter the number of passengers

It is at this point I start to feel my age and grow a deeper appreciation for some of the times (and only some as I am still growing up!) when the Rents would speak of younger days because back in my day I would not have thought twice about giving my seat to anyone older than me.  Heck, I still do it now!

As soon as I saw an elderly Indian couple get on my bus last week I was straight out of my 2nd row seat.  When I turned to face the front of the bus poised and ready for take-off, the little old lady had paused blocking the aisle, caught my eye and smiled a smile of appreciation as brilliant as her sari before sitting on the seat I had moved from.  As I smiled back, I felt joy.

I know I cannot change people so I do my best to be considerate to my fellow passengers and I occasionally think what a world of good it would do for the selfish ones to ride a bus in Samoa.  We all know what would happen if they played by the aforementioned rules over there and Lord knows they would deserve it!

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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