15 September 2012

dusty demon slayer

Some months ago a friend told me he has had a dandruff problem since who knows when and had tried just about everything in an attempt at ridding himself of this dusty demon.  I suggested coconut oil to him to combat the dandruff which he had not tried and I promised I would bring him the real deal all the way from Samoa.

A month or so later I arrived back from Samoa with the fagu'u thinking I would give a bit to said friend and keep the rest for my own personal use.  I was also telling myself the fagu'u I had was enough for the two of us because he was probably going to come back to me saying it was not working, even though I knew it would.  Judgemental on my part because the other palagis I have suggested coconut oil to in the past for ailments such as eczema frowned upon the idea of a natural remedy over something the doctor prescribed.

Oh how I was wrong this guy!  As it turns out, I have managed to help change the life of a mala from Notting Hill and you can now call me the Dusty Demon Slayer.  Gone are the days of an itchy scalp and constantly dusting off shoulders for my friend.  He would probably bathe in the stuff given the chance!

With the fagu'u almost out I now need to find a supply because my friend from work is getting through more coconut oil in a week than I do in a several months!

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.