29 August 2013

i got it from my grandmother

“That is the nature of endings, it seems. They never end.
When all the missing pieces of your life are found, put together with glue of memory and reason, there are more pieces to be found.” 
- Amy Tan

I watched my first full episode of Coronation Street, by choice, not so long ago - one of my Grandmother's all-time favourites - and my great post Coro Street epiphany is that if there was a single person to blame for me liking trashy television, I would have to say it was my Grandmother who was so highly dedicated to her daytime soap operas .. but blame has negative connotations so let's just say I owe her!  The Rents were like the television police for the most part so I loved television at the G-Rents house because in my child mind I was given full permission to be naughty with adult supervision.  As much as I miss my Grandmother, there is plenty about her that lives on in me, discovered and undiscovered, and I am grateful for it.

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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