29 October 2010

tweet tweet .. tweet tweet ..

This morning was a delightfully busy one around town, running errands and running into people .. thankfully people I was happy to meet!  When I got home with all errands complete including extras I did not expect to tick off, I ate my lunch, found out my best friend's boyfriend left her, flossed my teeth for the first time in probably a year (disgusting!), brushed my teeth, then sat down to say hello to my Twitter friends.

The only problem with saying hello to my Twitter friends is Twitter is not working properly!  While I can faikala, I cannot tweet back.  Very frustrating!  I never thought I would say this, but I think I have a small problem .. yeah right!  I could totally give up Twitter if I really wanted to .. .. ..

That said, in an attempt to feel like I have responded to my fellow Twits (is that what they are called?) here is what I have to say ..

@Samoan_Prince Did you go to work or are you slacking off like me?Shhhh .. it can be our secret :)

@LisaahAurelia SHUT UP with your photos .. they are fantastic and did I mention I hate you!Hahaha ..

@swisshamo LMBO @ "HELL TO THE NO" .. I'll start reading next year because I do not want to take all them books to the Islands!Why read when I can be drinking and getting a tan!

@maloana LMBO @ #redwine .. check this out http://whatscookingamerica.net/Menu/FormalDinnerSetting.jpg

@maloana @Pacific_Soul I don't think I have been suspended .. what does that mean anyway?I have not changed my username and definitely have not blocked anyone .. #honest!

@maloana @swisshamo @Pasifrika Does who tweet?I can't see what that tweet was about because Twitter is not working!

@sleeping_beutie WELCOME BACK!I emailed you to explain my absence :) And poor Vaniah .. you should teach her how to tweet and call it 'bonding time' ..

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.

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Morris Familia said...

Can always rely on blogs to keep us buzy when twitter can't lol i wrote like 5 posts in just one week hahaha mishing u