07 July 2015

ABs to samoa

I am not one to shed tears easily, if at all, however last night when I got home from work and checked Facebook, I was close to bawling my eyes out and my emotions ran high with so much joy because finally, the All Blacks had arrived at Faleolo Airport and Samoa welcomed them with open arms.  The only surprise that brought with it a huge smile on my face was that the All Blacks arrived in matching elei shirts which to me showed thought for where they were going and was a way of emracing Samoa in return.

To say now that I am excited is a huge understatement so with kick-off less than 12 hours away, the only thing left to do before I sleep is to calm down and say a prayer, first for all the Samoan babies born today, and this week for that matter, that the parents of these babies are kind with their names .. and second that the game is going to be streamed live so I am not completely miserable at work.


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