28 April 2011

get it right

This morning I woke up around 3 having slept all day yesterday recovering from food poisoning.  Feeling rather refreshed, the last thing I felt like doing was going back to sleep, opting instead for turning on the telly and navigating the blog world.  At around 5am I was vaguely aware of episode 23 of The Erin Simpson Show blaring in the background - a show I have watched before out of curiosity rather than interest.  The first time I watched the show, Tomasi Cama was a guest and my lasting memory of the show was not the irritating theme song or Erin's bleached hair or the food being cooked by the guest chef.  It was Erin saying Tomasi's surname wrong.

One of my pet peeves is people on New Zealand television who continually mispronounce Polynesian names and words (why I am bothered, I will save for another post).  I was that bothered by hearing Erin's mispronunciation of Tomasi's name being said to his face, that I tweeted "Someone needs to school @erinsimpson on a bit of gagana Fiki .. it's pronounced THama NOT Kama.Get it right." to which she replied "thanks - its impossible to everything right, ill get it next time xx".

As dubious as I was about Erin getting it next time, especially since she couldn't even tweet me properly, she did, much to my surprise, take my advice and got it right.  This morning, while the rest of my household slept, I wanted to laugh and do a celebratory dance as the sound of Erin Simpson's voice filled my ears with the name Tomasi Cama the way it is meant to be said!

This is me - Teine 'Afakasi.


Anonymous said...

Good job. Well done on sticking it to our 'celebrities'! Keep enjoying your blog! Soifua

Lani Wendt Young said...

Isnt that neat she took the time and effort to respond and then to correct herself. I like how you said something - lots of times i hear something or read in the media and i hate it but i dont do anything about it. More of us need to speak up - then the changes can happen ay.

Looking forward to MORE blogs from u ms afakasi! ( less Twittr, more writing LOL)

Teine 'Afakasi said...

If you can really call Erin Simpson a celebrity! I was very happy she did pay attention in the end. And you are right Lani, people need to speak up in order to effect change.